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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Too Cold!

Dave came home from Atlanta Saturday night and Keller was sooooooo happy! As was I that we could all be together again, at least for a short while! I even got to sleep in a bit on Sunday morning. Keller wanted to sleep in, too! Dave actually (we both, actually) slept through the 3:30 a.m. alarm and Keller went a full 5 hours without a trip accident. 

On Sunday we took a walk to Wedgewood Hills Park by us. Not realizing how cold it was with the wind, we set out with our adventurous puppy. Keller met several folks along the way who were walking out of their houses and were too captivated by her cuteness that they had to stop and pet her!

We made it to the park and it was cold. Dave took Keller up on the playground equipment. Keller loves putting everything possible in her mouth. She probably eats more stuff off the ground than she does out of her dog food bowl every day! She especially likes wood chips, and the entire park was covered with them. So we picked her up. Dave took her on the swing and then I got cold, so we headed home.

Keller didn't want to...didn't want to walk, anyway. She's been doing the "walk, sit, stay, don't 
wanna move" thing now and I think is starting to try to get away with it. We realized, however, that she was cold - the poor thing was shivering! So Dave wrapped her up in his coat and home we walked. And it was cooooold.

Keller also got another trip to KTTC to meet some of the other weekend crew. She met Jennifer and CJ and Timmy today and they ate her up with love!

She has been having small potty accidents today in the house even with going out every 1-2 hours. Dave is diligent with getting her outside and she is having a few problems today holding it in. I'm sure she's confused with why someone's home all day when I'm usually not. We think the long walk goofed her up today. We also read today that you're not supposed to take young puppies on any longer than 20 minute walks because it can damage their joints and whatnot. She's been out for 45-hour walks every morning for the past 4 days. No wonder she sleeps the rest of the day away! Sorry, Keller. We're still learning along with you! 

She is getting better with going in her crate on her own and not crying and barking when we put her in there. She's also getting better when we leave the house and leave her there. We'll see what this week holds for her!

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