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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day of Firsts

Keller's had a lot of firsts for us in our first full 24 hours with her!! 

Last night she went for her first walk, and she scampers all over the place. The outside world 
seems a bit confusing and she's definitely curious about it, but not scared. Tonight we went for a walk and a big black dog was barking at her, and she stood still trying to figure out the situation, and then scampered a bit down the road. Stop, scamper, repeat. You get the idea. :)

She made it through the night last night - I took her out after I heard her whimpering around 3 am. This morning we thought she had gotten through without an accident, but it appears she did potty in the crate last night. It's OK...we're working on it.

(Above: Walk Time!)

Uber frustrating is getting her to take her pills. She has two different ones and does not like them. After some research we've managed to tackle it. It involves pean
ut butter and patience and lots of treats and coaxing. :) Only about a week or so more to go with them.

But what a napper when she calms down! She took a few today. Dave almost enjoyed one right along with her. :) Dave and I love playing with her - she's certainly a nibbler, more today than yesterday. We a
re teaching her "Leave it" to not chew on things (favorites: the carpet, the rug, shoelaces, my jeans, wood, basically anything!). We got her a new toy today on our shopping trip. It's a rope, something lighter and softer for her right now. She 
loves it!

(Above and Below: I love naptime!)

We did manage to leave her along for two seperate 
occassions today - one for about an hour, and the second time longer, for about 3 1/2 hours. Both times she cried when we left, and we managed to get to the neighbors and let them in on what we have in o
ur home now.  But it was a day of puppy shopping - bowls, ID tag, carpet cleaner, hose, etc. - you name it!

Keller, this evening, also took her second car ride (1st with me) to KTTC. There, she was 

She got to meet Randy, Ali, Ben, JR, Missy, Rachel, Tom, Crystal, Seth, Fanna. All of them loved her so, so much and she was so well behaved - in fact, she waited until we left to use the restroom! (BOTH #1 and #2 - good job, Keller!) 

Randy made sure she got her cameo appearance on the NewsCenter at 10. Woohoo!

(Above: Hanging out with Ali and Randy on the FOX 47 set!)

(Left: Keller gets spoiled by Randy on air)

(Left: Are we home yet?)

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