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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Time for a slideshow!

I emptied my phone of all the pics on it. And I went through all 700 or so of them and laughed hysterically. But mostly I just enjoyed the memories of them! So many are of Keller, so I took those (well, the non-blurr ones!) and made them in to a slideshow, which you can see below. :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Time for an update!

I will be better about updating this. I will be better about updating this. I will be better about updating this. I'm so bad at it. I'm sorry. This year has been crazy. Nothing like a mid-year resolution, right??

We had Santi for FOUR DAYS!!! last week, lol. Keller and Santi love each other. They do not love the humidity. They do love running with me. They do love swimming. They do love assuming opposite ends of the couch to guard the house from squirrels, bunny rabbits, and Cici, the Killer Kat, next door. 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

First post of 2012? Lame!

What the heck? Where have 2 months gone? To the day, almost, the last I blogged. I am so ridiculous...

School has a hold on me this semester, although I have one of two classes ending this week.

Keller had her 3rd birthday last month! My baby girl is growing up. She's now of legal age to drink, so I'm sure her and Dave have beers each night I'm gone at class (or she hides the empty bottles in the back room where the flooring is still ongoing...she doesn't hide them very well).

Since the weather, like me, has been ridiculous the past two months, we've done a lot of running outside. Keller also fought a major sickness right after Christmas, with days of vomiting and pooping blood. Since, we've taken away all rawhide toys and limited her to certain toys. She's not liking this, even with new toys, because she's chewing up way more fun stuff - like my running shoes and mouth retainer. So, I had to buy new shoes. You can see she clearly wants to devour both pairs.

Finally, I leave you with a fun picture I snapped on Friday. I have fallen five times this winter running, have run in crappy cold weather, crappy foggy/sleety weather, crappy snowy slush weather, and beautiful sunny weather these past two months, and Keller is faithfully ALWAYS beside me...but usually ahead of me, telling me to get my big hiney moving faster.
Well, those new shoes will help, Keller.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

I have a sous chef

Keller has been annoyed. There are loud noises from the hardwood floor work in the house, the backyard is muddy (wait, she doesn't care about that! - until it's bath time), the house stinks with fresh paint, dad is ignoring her and playing with power tools, and mom is ignoring her and experimenting with Christmas delectables in the kitchen. But it's not that we're trying to ignore her. It's just how it is right now. We play, go to the dog park, talk, and then try to get her tired enough so we can do work.

She was, however, highly interested in being my sous chef this weekend as we madly baked to accomplish Christmas cookies. She is a faithful taste tester, and helped Dave take on the quality control responsibility. Which, in the end, makes her not annoyed anymore.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Tired Keller is my Favorite Keller

Keller and Santi got together over at Seth and Sarah's on Friday night, after I took Keller for a beautiful 5-mile run during the afternoon. The leaves were still turning in some areas, and it was warm enough - but just cool enough with the wind - to keep switching between a long-sleeved shirt and my running fleece. So Keller was tired Saturday, and Santi even came over then TOO - so she was even MORE tired today (I love a tired Keller Puppy - my favorite kind of Keller Puppy!).

On the right, here she is enjoying her Halloween Treat from Grandpa and Grandma A. She gobbled it right down.

We also watched the game tonight. The Packers played the Chargers (and the Pack won, of course! 8-0 now!) and when they scored a touchdown in the 3rd quarter, I yelled really loud and started clapping wildly. Startled, Keller lept up and ran toward the living room windows, barking hysterically. Maybe it's her way of cheering. haha. Go Pack Go!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

I see me

Keller was helping me take pictures of the now-empty backyard this afternoon. I got her unexpectedly in this shot, and I love her reflection. She can't put her snout against the door anymore because Dave plastic-ed the windows last night. :) But she can still neighbor-hood and trail-watch, so she's a happy girl!