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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Keller's Homecoming

Life got interesting by 300% this month of March. Not only did Dave and I get engaged, but we're now the proud parents of a 9-week-old ball of fur named Keller.

She's a yellow lab with a bit of husky in her (but you wouldn't know it unless someone told you!), and came from the Animal Humane Society shelter in Coon Rapids. Dave and I have patiently 
been waiting for a dog through RAGOM (Retrieve A Golden of Minnesota) and we met one last week that, although a tough decision, was the right one - wouldn't be right for us. We wouldn't be able to give Odie what he had at his current foster home that he needed. I think it put us over the edge - we wanted a dog - now! - and couldn't wait any longer than the three years we've already been waiting.

We found Keller - er, "Glitter", as her past name was - last night while Googling. She came from an unwanted litter and the home gave her up because of allergies in the house. She was with them for only 4 days, apparently. So she's done a lot of moving around in her short 9 weeks of life! Dave's assignment was to go see what she was like, and if he felt she'd be a good fit, to bring her home. So he went after work tonight. I figured not hearing anything from him by 6:30 p.m. was a good sign. That turned out to be right!

It's been weird - a good weird! - having this fuzz ball run around. She loves Dave and follows him around and whimpers when he goes outside. She enjoys jumping all over and licking our faces. She crashed majorly while we were eating dinner, is crashing right now under Dave's desk in the office, has no problem going into her crate, and is curious, minorly afraid it appears, of the stairs. The outside world we doubt she's seen much of, so on her walk tonight she was scampering all over the place. We're so excited to have her here and are looking forward to making her a part of our family!

More to come!

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