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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Outsmarting Mom

Well, Keller outsmarted me last night. I built a fort so she couldn't get out of the downstairs bathroom. Her kennel was in there and she was all set. I also blocked off the living room. I was so nervous coming home after the 5 and 6 pm shows for dinner....but she was great! Sqwauking in her kennel. Only one potty accident. So we played, went on a walk, I ate dinner, she ate dinner, took her pills, and then I went back to work, feeling better. 5 hours alone - if she could get through that bulk of the day, then another 3 hours wouldn't phase her.

....and then I came home later. I found her at the top of the stairs (note: she's been afraid to climb them since we brought her home, have had to carry her up and down). However she managed to get AROUND the mountain barrier I had created....I will never know. Both dog gates were down, and there were 2 lovely pee piles in the bathroom one big poop pile (note: the biggest one out of her to date) in the living room and some vomit upstairs. I didn't discover all that until I took her outside and thought it was odd that she barely had to pee and poop. Well, that explains it!

So, we'll try again today. The mountain will have to be expanded somehow. She's certainly a smart little devil. And she's got a lot of poop in her for a small dog.

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