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Monday, March 1, 2010

Lessons in Parenting

I consider it a mock run at parenting - we've had Keller pup for almost a year now (a year on March 24th!) and while I've been tried and tested MANY times in the course of the past 12 months, the past two days have got me.

The poor dog - barfed four more times yesterday, two in the evening while I was home for work and twice in the middle of the night. I was already having a hard enough time falling asleep, so when I woke up to the sounds of her retching, I should have realized I was in for a night of no sleep.

After she threw up we crawled back into bed and then all I could hear was (what I can only assume was painful - you know how it is) stomach juices churning. They were so loud and she couldn't get comfy. Eventually I let her outside to try to use the .... ladies room? (heh). She didn't want to go back upstairs, and frankly, I didn't want to either, so we made our bed in the living room and tried to sleep. Then I had dreams of having to take her to the emergency vet and the vet in general and all the things that could be wrong with her.

I skipped going to the gym this am - plus, I was way too tired - plus, I didn't want to leave Keller alone - so we went for a gentle walk around our old loop. The air felt different this morning, and it was nice, and soon it will be spring, and soon Keller will feel better, and my lessons in parenting will continue.

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