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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

1 Year With Keller!

Today is the 1 year anniversary of us getting Keller and the start of this blog! I remember that day so vividly...Dave going to the Humane Society in Coon Rapids after work...we had loaded up the Vibe the night before with the kennel just incase...and when I hadn't heard anything by 6pm I figured it was good news....and then the phone call on his way home...and the little bark in the background...and I realized that our lives were about to become extremely fuzzy and and stinky and fun too. And they have. I remember my excited text to Randy about Duncan having a playmate, going to PetCo and buying a little collar and some chew toys and wanting to get home soooo quick to beat them...and they beat me home...and I pull into the driveway and here's this little yellow furball with Dave on my front lawn wearing a little collar and the homemade orange leash...and she sat and stared at me, all alert, trying to figure me out, and then her butt starting wiggling and the rest of the night she ran around sniffing everything and ran on us and over us and whined when one of us left the room and wouldn't go upstairs and was afraid of SO many things! And that night I didn't sleep because she cried all night long in her kennel. I spent so many nights sleeping in front of that kennel. You've taught us so much Keller - outsmarted me, made me laugh, made me cry, made me giggle, made me proud, made me nearly have a heart attack a few times, made me want to tear my hair out, and made me love you more and more everyday. Here's to one year!

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