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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Keller & Santi

Keller usually waits for me at the top of the stairs (Dave always says this) when I'm at work. Apparently she'll go to the top step right before I arrive home. It's funny how they sense those things, or know those things. Anyway, last night apparently Santi and Keller were too tired to go upstairs - they parked it in the front hallway and Lynn caught them patiently waiting for me.

We had a barfy dog yesterday morning too - Keller barfed about 6 times, two first in Lynn's guest room, two in mine, then two again in Lynn's; four of which turned out to be somewhat bloody and mucus-y. That was before Santi came over, so she took it easy for the rest of the morning and seemed to be fine later. I have no idea - probably something she ate - but I was worried we'd be taking a trip to the emergency vet!

I also have a funny video...see below. These two just go crazy over wanting the same toy and will do anything to get it. Lynn commented it was similar to speed skating (we've been watching a lot of Olympics).

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