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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Keller Sammich (With Cheese)

Keller herself enjoyed the Cheese Party (not that she told me - but I could tell). Bob and George (left) give Keller a big squeeze! It's a Keller Sammich - with Cheese!!!

Ted and Cara's Madeleine had come over with a feather boa that Keller could NOT get enough of - she kept trying to eat it after I ended up with it. A few times during the night, if I didn't watch the length of the boa wrapped around my neck, I would suddenly feel a sharp TUG as Keller attacked it.

Anyway, she did great, we worked on manners as people arrived, and she actually passed out for a good hour during the event, to the point of which I had to make sure she was OK. Totally not-Kellerish.

By the way, Keller did great with Duncan for the few days she was over there during our Splash-In trip. I didn't have cell phone service while we were in Whalan, so I got this text message from Randy on Monday that said, "BTW, Keller loves bacon." Apparently he had been frying up some bacon and here's this little snout next to him that's poking up in the air and it's Keller sniffing the bacon-filled air that obviously she's never smelled anywhere else, living with vegetarians, and Randy says he thinks to himself, "I wonder if Keller likes bacon...?"

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