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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bed warmers

Keller is kinda spoiled. I was getting ready for work this morning (wake-up time: 2:20....ok, 2:27 a.m.) and I came back upstairs with a cup of coffee and found her parked in my spot, head on pillow and all! LOL - I couldn't help but laugh. She's a great bed warmer, and obviously, fairly confused over my recent work schedule.

I have to add - yesterday she was in the upstairs bathroom and sitting by the tub, with this indescribable, incredibly goofy look on her face. She was staring madly at either the seagull pictures or the clock on the wall (but I think it was the birds, given that's how she looks when she sees a bird outside) and I swore she was preparing to pounce if one of them moved. It was a bona fide stare-off for at least a minute.

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