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Monday, August 3, 2009

Play Dates

After Keller spent a few days with Santi when we were up north, Santi came over for Saturday and Sunday while Seth and Sarah when up to a ball game in the Cities.

Needless to say, the two (the dogs that is) picked up riiiiight were they left off and proceeded to wear each other out, eat each other's food, chew apart each other's toys. By far, the Toy Of The Weekend was the stuffed pheasant, which I hear is SO popular with Santi that it's been stitched up and even temporarily replaced (with a duck). Well, there's no stitching left to the thing after the stuffing or honky-honk thing either (see above right). I'll put a video up on YouTube, too.

Dave and I took them to Leads and Leashes on Saturday before we went to the McNally wedding (left picture in the Vibe). It was fun, but I won't go back really for much except to buy Keller treats or something. Kind of pricey.

Time to get outside for a run. Keller's feeling a bit lonely today, I think. We are headed to Neenah on Wednesday, and that will be her longest car ride yet!

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