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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Look What I Can Eat!

First I should explain the pictures. I took Keller out to Fleet Farm for a new chew toy since she has a good chunk of her adult teeth in. I found what I thought would be a great fit for her - something that's edible, but can take a looooong time to get through. 

WRONG! I gave it to her when I got to the car (happy puppy), and we hopped back on the highway to get home. No more than probably 5 miles, I looked in the backseat and she has nearly DEVOURED the bone. What the - ?!?!?!?

Good to know. So the picture on the left is a smiling Keller after a niiiiice treat. On the right, the package (with the remaining bone) and what she had managed to not eat in 8 minutes or so (but was well on her way). 

Anyway, beforehand, we had been over hanging out with Randy, Owen, and Duncan. Keller and Duncan had fun, but Keller jumped up on Owen a few too many times (sorry, bud).  

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