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Monday, May 25, 2009

Growing Up..But Not Done Chewing

We had to buy a new dog gate today because Keller chewed through the other one. We found a really nice, sturdy one at Saver's, and it was 50% off. Sweeeeet.

Keller's had a crazy weekend - she had extra company with Lynn and Glen here and did great and was just loved to pieces! We left her alone in her kennel in Bloomington for 5 hours to go to a Twins/Brewers accidents...and we've started letting her sleep on our bed at night. She does great. Last night we left the kennel door open and she slept in there, then sometime early this morning, jumped up on the bed. Good. Dog.

This morning she also had her first trip to the Dog Park (North one). She met her near twin, who was also 4 months old, and looked identical to her, only darker and slightly bigger. Funny!

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