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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spoiled by the Bunny(ies)

Keller has had WAY too much fun the past week or so. Between play dates with Santiago and meeting other dogs and people out on walks and being spoiled by the grandparents...she's doing good.

Easter was fun with her. The Easter Bunny came not once but TWICE! The Wisconsin one came a few days before Easter. Because I'm a sucker when it comes to chocolate and sweets, I dug open the box. I wasn't expecting to find anything for Keller, but there was a fun squid-looking squeaky toy for her! And "Marley and Me". And she thinks she gets the chocolate and candy too - look at her check that basket out!

Additionally, the Bloomington Easter Bunny stopped by. She got oodles of treats, a frisbee, another chew toy, a grass repair kit (oops...I mean we did!) and most ironically, the almost exact same squid thing! Those Easter Bunnies sure think alike!

She did great meeting all of Dave's family on Saturday night while I was at work. She even got to go out on the canoe with Dave and Marty and had a lot of fun. She did great when I was up there on Easter morning, too! She gets into her puppy phase but then she mellows out so quickly. 

Today Keller was back to the vet and she's pushing 19 pounds. Woohoo! She got shots and her toes clipped a nice dental rawhide. I'll post pictures from that tomorrow.

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