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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Feed Me

Since we're nerds, we pay for what we get. Probably because we're genuinely concerned about what's going to go in Keller's mouth (aside from the mountain of trash outside. Although we're concerned about that too...duh!). RAGOM had given us a sheet on scored dog foods (and there are a lot of them) and also how to score your dog food. So that's just what Dave did. Sat down and calculated what the shelter gave us, what the vet gave us, pen, paper, and calculator in hand.

OK, so we are nerds...whatever. We scooped up Keller on Saturday
 morning and ventured to PetCo to hunt down food. Keller had a hay day in the store. She also had a hay day in Petsmart. We didn't pick out a food, but we did a new Kong toy, and a harness to walk her since we don't like pulling on her neck.

Dave and Keller enjoyed a quiet weekend together while I worked. Apparently Keller likes to watch me while I'm on TV as Dave took 
pictures of her watching me. Teehee....yesterday (Monday) was the first day I trusted her enough to not build the fort and only put up the two stacked dog gates. It worked, and she was still in the bathroom when I came home for lunch both yesterday and today. Woohoo!

Oh!!! On Sunday morning we took Keller over to Randy and Julie's to play with Duncan. I don't have pictures, but Duncan is this incredibly loveable 120 some pound yellow lab. It was amusing as hell watching Duncan run around and Keller work on overcoming her intimidation. Drew and Owen (their sons) got a kick out of Keller least Drew did! Within a little bit, Keller was tearing around their backyard as fast as Duncan. It was so good to see her run 
and jut let her run. Needless to say, she was pooped later that night!

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