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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Who's stealing my Nonnie and why?

Observe: Ann ("Nonnie") finds not just my running shoe, but Dave's slipper on Keller's bed yesterday. Keller was apparently missing the both of us. And it's just the one she takes, and she sleeps by it/them. Except for today, when she decided to actually chew on them (or as I just told Dave on the phone yesterday, "She's been good - she hasn't chewed any of the shoes for about a month....")

I learned something about Keller tonight. She doesn't tolerate not being the center of attention. Nonnie has Ella for the night and Keller can't figure out why she's not being given the cooing and fun. Ella also tested out those vocal chords tonight and Keller thought she had done something wrong, she cowered and stared at me as I alternated petting her, watching the Office, eating my dinner, and doing homework. Then she tries going over to Ella, cowering and wagging her tail. She's probably thinking, "Who are you and why are you stealing my Nonnie?!" My heart is sad for Keller. I wish she knew that she was still just as much loved. It also makes me realize that when we have kids someday, this is going to be a big change for her, and not an easy one.

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