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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ticky ticks

Ticky ticks is what I call ticks. I tend to add a "y" on the first word and double the first word when I talk to Keller.

"Do you want a treatie treat?"
"Want to go for a walkie walk?"
"Where's the squirrely squirrel?"
"Did you farty fart? You're a farty fart."


Anyway. Where was I....oh yes. The first tick of the season got pulled off Keller. A nice wood tick. Early April...sounds about right! I know exactly where it came from, too: the dog park. I found it while giving her a bath (because she reeked like dead fish from the lake...and there are dead fish in there...I know because she found one today) and I thought it was a stubborn mud spot on her face. Wrong! Pulling ticks off doesn't gross me out anymore. It used to majorly. But I taped it up and set it aside for Dave to see, and now I can't remember where I put it...

Faily fail.

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