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Monday, January 10, 2011

Soon To Be 2!

Keller turns 2 in 2 WEEKS!!! WOW! Some things have changed, but others haven't. Such as this picture...she always, always, always sits two stairs up from Dave when he is putting his shoes on. :) I miss the puppy years (who am I kidding - we're still kinda in them) and I'm glad I've been chronicalling our adventures over the past two years. We love you, Keller!

Uncle Conte took Keller on Sunday and ran her for 5 miles and then played hockey with her for an hour. She loves chasing the puck. Also, Dave had taken her to the dog park, so she was one poooooped puppy last night. But she was bright eyed and bushytailed when I took her for a 4 mile run today (p.s. people need to be better about cleaning their sidewalks around here!)

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