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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Revenge is bittersweet

While Dave has been in Chicago and Vegas, Keller and I have had much to keep busy with around home. I think she senses that he's far away, because everyday I came home from work last week, something was chewed up: pillow, carpet, ornaments. I call it revenge. She calls it fun.

So, to fight revenge, I kept her inside for most of the last couple of days. She was p'd.

On Thursday morning, we took the tree down, right away in the morning. After that, we made some doggie treats for her upcoming birthday. After that, we decided to go venture out into the cold for the dog park. Then she let me do a workout video at home.

On Friday, we got up early and I got the urge to purge the house of items we didn't need before moving. So, upstairs we went and plowed through the closet, the dresser, the shoes, the office bins. Keller was royally p'd off. But it was sub zero the whole day, and I wasn't ready to go out. Finally we did in the late afternoon, and Santi came over in the evening.

The bridge shot is from last Monday I think. Maybe the week before. Weeks just fly by around here. :)

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