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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Scouting for ducks

Keller is a bird dog. Unfortunately or fortunately. Keller and I sat and watched the ducks in the backyard this morning. She didn't even whine or whimper or try to go through the window. Just sat there in her prairie dog position and watched intently.

She hasn't been feeling well the past couple of days, mainly throwing up in the morning. Yesterday and today she did right after eating the grass by the base of the pine tree out back. I know she's throwing up the grass because that's all she's throwing up. We're also still having problems with her right ear and she's still shaking her head alot. Aside from cleaning it every day and I started the drops up again, I don't know what else to do. Sorry, pups. We're still a month out from her yearly check up.

We are going to stay away from the north dog park again today, however. She loves the mud puddle there and it is a swarming pool of infectious crap, most likely. She laps it up too, rolls, lays, and does whatever in it, and aside from it smelling nasty, I wouldn't be surprised if it's making her sick. So I took her to the south dog park yesterday and she swam and swam and swam in the creek!

We went on two walks yesterday and two walks on Monday, too. Last night we called in a small fire on 65th street NW. It wasn't huge, but it certainly looked odd. It was the remnants of an old tree, from what I could tell, and at between the farm field and road. It was really windy, so we were watching the embers flare up and blow away and the flames would billow up again. Anyway, the firefighters liked Keller. I would have felt guilty walking away from it and then it starting a wildfire or something.

For now we're going to go outside and plant some flowers.

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