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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sad puppy?

Keller is sad today, I think. I think she misses Dave. Last night she kept looking at the front door, waiting for him to come home. He stayed in Bloomington last night. We went to bed and I let her sleep me with, and this morning we got up at 6 am and went back to sleep for another hour. She curled up right next to me and sighed...several

We went for a run this morning too and she just wasn't in to it. Actually ran next to me and behind me, not the usual pulling me down the sidewalk.

She came back and crawled on the bed, followed by being scared out of the bedroom by the hair dryer, took shelter under the office desk, and then ended up in the lay-z-boy downstairs, curled up.

Since we rearranged our living room, we were anxious to see if she'd change couches so she could maintain her view out the windows. So far, it's a toss up between the old couch and the lay-z-boy.

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