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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Skunk

I have successfully tired out Keller (I am standing in the kitchen typing this and I can hear her snoring from the living room). This comes only after an hour long walk this morning, afternoon play outside, an afternoon trip to the dog park (south one, with the creek), and an evening walk for an hour.

During the evening walk, Keller managed to find the skunk that I knew very well had been on the trail. It's a tall grassy trail with big wildflowers and big weeds in a big field that no one mows, except for the same path generated by countless traversing feet and bikes. Anyway, she's conveniently missed it before, but her nose zeroed riiiiiiiiiiiiight in on it tonight, and I felt the leash tug behind me, and I just knew it. I knew it. And there she was, the entire thing, all dead squished 10 inches of it, in her mouth. And she did not drop it, she kindly carried it before I freaked out enough where she dropped it. Or maybe she realized just how bad it tasted or smelled.

She also managed to find an eighth of a bird, but after the whole skunk thing, I could really care less about the stinkin' bird. Gross.

Anyway, if Keller could type, she would say, "Yes, I pick up skunks, and then I go lay right on your bed, right in your spot, and breathe skunk breath, just the way you like it."

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