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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Keller Goes Rustic

Keller survived - and did extremely well - during her first MacPhail camping trip. She was SUCH a good puppy - she listened off leash (90% of the time), learned to swim, slept with Dave in the hammock, and had such a blast running around the woods - that she passed out on the way home with her head against her water dish (see left). So cute and funny.

Perhaps the funniest occurance was when we were hiking on the Nordic Trail and she saw a squirrel - the squirrel bolted up the tree - the branch at the top broke - squirrels crashes allllll the way to the ground - Keller says "victory!" - squirrel bolts to next tree and up it - Keller tries to go follow - then she figured it out and started looking up every tree she saw. Just hilarious.

We didn't find any ticks on her the whole time; gave her a haircut before we left. She has an eye infection and has been on some meds but her eyes have been so much better now. I'm so proud of her. More later.

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