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Monday, August 30, 2010

Hugs from Keller

Keller has missed Dave with him being gone (we both have). Here's Dave comforting her that he'll be home again. Actually, he was proving he still loved her even though he had to clean out her painful gooky ear.

Keller pup was back at the vet last week because we thought she had an ear infection. Whenever I rubbed her right ear (she always has problems with that ear), there was a sloshing liquid sound. And she was increasingly shaking her head and scratching her ear. So I called, and they suggested bringing her in.

Sorry, pups. Just more of that nasty yeast stuff building up in her ear again. It's the gross brown/black gook that smells nasty, and we try to do a good job of keeping her ears cleaned, but it just can't be fully beat, I suppose. So we got some more goop for her ears and off we went. Keller loves and hates the vet at the same time. Correction: she enjoys seeing everyone, but doesn't like having her ears poked at and cried quite a bit (well, I'm sure it hurt, too!).

She has had fun lately with Santi, Ann & Ella, swimming, chasing birds, and sleeping in bed with me, keeping me company. She's just as confused as me with the schedule I've been working as of late.

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