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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Steph down...I repeat...Steph down

I didn't fall until an hour into our morning run/walk - and I was standing in our own driveway. Don't they say, most accidents happen close to home? The dog down the street was (for whatever reason) in our yard and Keller went bizerk. Then she took off after the neighbors three doors down. Keller is much stronger when push comes to shove (heh), and I went down. Scraped up the knee and hand and I thought I broke my pinkie, but I didn't (thankfully), but my entire left arm aches, similar to the time I biffed it running the mile in high school (fell over a hurdle...and never finished that mile...and ended up in a sling for a week). Nothing some ibuprofin and bandaids can't fix. The pride's a little damaged.

I actually didn't think about my chin, or teeth, or face, but I did think about the ring since that's the hand I fell on. Vain much?

Time to be put in my place. I'm fine - just mad. Three weeks until the wedding - I cannot have anything happen and have to be better about my clutziness! Keller knows I'm mad too - she went and gave me the "I think I've done something bad" look from the living room. I've been more concerned injuring myself while biking or rollerblading or during more high impact stuff that I never even considered how badly I could injure myself in the next few weeks while standing in my own driveway. Standing in my own driveway!!! #FAIL

(P.S. You may be wondering how the heck I fell over a hurdle running the mile in high school. Well, I'm glad you asked. It was during gym class, and the edge of a hurdle was sticking out into the track about 10 feet from the finish line. My foot caught it and I rolled. Funny nowadays...and such a me thing to do. By the way, I hated running then.)

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