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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Treat Stealer

On Tuesday we had to go to Leashes and Leads to drop off some tickets, and I let Keller wander around the treat aisle, sniffing up a good find (I liken it to being a kid in a candy store. Or me in a coffee shop or craft store or bakery). She found one - started munching on it, actually - so we got that and a bone and upon leaving, one of the customers wanted a picture with me to prove to her husband that she saw me there (time out: heehee).

So her and her daughter had a dog or two and I knelt down with Keller, who in one swift movement, lunges at the plastic treat baggy the girl has, and chomps out a big piece and manages to snatch three treats. I stood there with my jaw open. Like she hadn't gotten a treat in a year or something to that nature.

So I handed over the treat we had bought since I felt bad. Keller, in the meantime, is googly goggly eyed and is now eyeing up where else she can steal treats from. I've safe-guarded everything at home.

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